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The Top Four Things About Television I Still Don’t Want to Accept: Part 1

TV has been a staple of American culture for about half of a century now, yet there are some things that aren’t as permanent as the device itself. 

#4: The Simpsons is no longer funny

As a young child, Sundays always brought the question, “Is there a new Simpsons on tonight?”  But before you start bashing my parents, well, parenting style, I honestly re watched a lot of the older episodes and relived them all over again, due to the amount of jokes I missed.  Yet there’s no surprise that my family has such an attachment to this yellow family has been on for 23 seasons, and was always part of the world I was born into. 

Yet part of me really hopes that this show doesn’t outlive me.  It’s just sadly not as funny as it used to be.  For a long time I wondered if it wasn’t funny, only because I outgrew it, or it just started sucking.  After watching the older episodes, I came to the acceptance of some good news and some bad news.

The good news?  I didn’t outgrow it.  The Simpsons that I knew and loved was still the Simpsons I knew and loved.  Homer’s still hilariously dumb.  Marge’s hair is still blue.  Lisa thinks too much.  Bart doesn’t listen and Maggie never learned to talk?

The bad news?  It sucks now.  The jokes aren’t funny.  It’s too commercialized and the plots are running dry.  Even the classic introduction got changed!  But I guess after 23 seasons (so far!), there’s bound to be a few dud episodes every now and then. 

#3: Amy Pond and Rory Williams Are Leaving the Doctor

This is definitely something that I wouldn’t have recognized if this article from the BBC hadn’t of hit me in the face like an out of control drunk.

While this is a pretty common phenomena in the Doctor Who series from what I understand, I have a confession to make the may clear things up, or piss more people off.  I jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon embarrassingly late, and honestly, my reason for watching it was because I wanted to see who Amy Pond was because people kept telling me how I looked kind of like her.   It was an instant ginger bond at first sight.

Second confession, I started with season 6.  More specifically/unfortunately at the mid season premier of “Let’s Kill Hitler!”.  I’ve since made a point to catch up with all of Matt Smith’s material so I could be ready when the new season starts, but in the meantime I’m REALLY catching up and starting with season 1 on Netflix so I can finally finish the conversion to a new Whovian.

So based on this, the reason I can’t accept Rory and Amy leaving is because I never thought about this day coming in the first place.  As I’m watching the first season I know better than to get attached to Rose Tyler, the Ninth Doctor, or even the Tenth Doctor when he finally shows up, because I know that they get replaced.

But the idea of losing my first companion love(s) is a hard one to swallow.  Part of me is hoping that this whole thing is just a big rumor that the BBC is falling over laughing about. 

#2 and #1 to follow soon!

Lovin’ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. 

Lady on the Moon - Arcade Stereo Card - c.1920s from Photo_History


I couldn’t give you the daylight you wanted but here’s some of the dusk you need

It’s so hard dealing with the fact that people aren’t always who they say they are.  I’m not a maker of enemies.  I want to fix people’s problems, council people, but I can’t even take my own advice.  I know who my true friends are, but for some reason I just can’t seem to let this faux friends go. 

I guess it’s hard to accept that I “failed” in a sense.  I almost never walk away from anyone (part of the reason why I want to help others with this someday) but there comes a point when loss has to be accepted and understood.  Sometimes people are just truly awful.

I wish I had some friends on here.